Latinos Review is easily considered one of the most from your dating sites of our time. It was one of the first sites on the scene way back in 1995 and has dedicated the last 20 years to improving the modern dating experience for singles. In their quest for providing a better platform to connect singles they have launched a niche dating site that allows users to search within a specific demographic of people such as Latino singles.

FEATURES is aims to connect individuals on their interests and hobbies – not chemistry and personality quizzes. It has several common features, but the three that are most notable are:

Spotlight Match

is the free service offered by this company that promotes your profile across 50 other sites including and Only some profiles will be approved for this program – at no cost to the user. The advantages are that you get maximum exposure to your profile. A single from another website may sign up for a membership at a new site just to contact you via this advertisement. Users can choose to opt-out of this offering during the profile setup process. If you choose to opt-in then your profile will be reviewed by team members for eligibility.

How do you know if you are eligible? Match seeks out those profiles with attractive singles who have high quality photographs and complete profiles (as in, all the sections have been completed well). They also look for diversity in interests and location to help create a true variety in their advertisements featuring your profile.

Profile Assistance,

on the other hand, is not free. This program is offered exclusively to members for $15 to $20 per month. The cost is a little high, in our opinion, but for some single’s it is worth it. When you sign up for the profile assistance program, one of the matchmaking professionals from the site will go over your profile and make the necessary changes to make it more appealing for potential matches. The benefit of spending that additional money each month is that these professionals have been in the matchmaking industry for over two decades. They know what works and what doesn’t. In the highly competitive world of internet dating, their approach to make you stand out in the crowd can be a godsend.

Daily matches.

Every day users are presented with new matches of interest. You can quickly browse your dozen or so daily matches and select the green check box if you are interested in them or the red asked if you are not. This feature not only presents you with new singles every day but also helps the website manifest better matches for you.

Match Stir Events.

Outside of their dating platform, which is available on your computer and all mobile devices, also offers Stir Events. These are coordinated single’s events in cities around the country. Larger cities like New York and Los Angeles may have as many as two or three events per month. Smaller cities can expect only a handful each year. These events come in the form of cocktail mixers, adventure outings, and cooking classes (just to name a few). If you want that old-school approach of meeting someone in person sans the internet, then these events are perfect for you. Additionally, Match generates these events based on interests of singles in a given area. This means that the event is more likely to connect you with someone who you actually have common ground with


The interesting part about Match is that it started out targeting women, 20 years ago. Navigating the site is easy. It starts with a popup box where you will be asked to enter basic information including your name, age group, and what you are looking for. To entice you to sign up for the account, you will be presented with a few local matches.

It is free to register for an account but access to most features is limited until users have upgraded to the full account. Unlike its competitors, Match does not have a long-winded personality test for its users. Instead, on Match, there is a long profile process which is broken up into several different sections. Match brings a lot to the table which is why it is the preferred option for internet dating.


A large portion of the website is accessible with the free membership plan. However, if you would like there are advantages to signing up for one of the premium bundled subscriptions. These plans start at $23.99 per month for 3 months; $19.99 per month for 6 months; and $17.99 per month for 12 months. The paid membership offers the Match Guarantee – which promises 6 free months if you don’t find love, email read notifications, first impressions, highlighted profile, and more. Additionally, there are add on features that users can purchase such as being featured in the top spot for a day or enhanced communication options.


The reputation that carries is one of the reasons that it is the preferred dating site for many singles. The addition of being able to target specific markets such as single Latinos makes this the #1 choice in online dating for this demographic of people.