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Digital dating takes on many forms today. Individuals who are looking for something out of the ordinary may be interested in the match-making site This platform is a hybrid between a traditional dating site and a match making service. This site is specifically for men to write letters to single women in other countries and start the process of facilitating a meaningful relationship. offers a number of services that you can enjoy in hopes of finding that special someone.


Because this site is not the traditional type of dating site, you will find that the features offered are a little different. Here are some things that you can expect:

Chat Settings

The first benefit to this website is that it allows you to communicate directly with women of interest. The chat features are quite diverse. Users are able to view chat request that they have sent, chat request which they’ve received, and arrange a specific chat time with women who they have viewed. When an available woman is selected, users are able to view the best time to chat as well as alternative best times to chat alongside of the username within their own personal records. This makes it easier than ever to communicate with the potential woman of your dreams on a schedule that works for both of you.

Search Settings

Enhanced search settings have become a prominent feature on many dating sites because they give you a better way to find the person you’re looking for. This website offers both quick and advanced search options as well as searching by username or keywords. You can set specific search parameters and save them as your preferred search option as well. The advanced search option allows you to select everything from the country that a woman lives in to their religion and physical appearance preferences, as well as all of their interests, hobbies, and favorites in terms of music movies and more. By refining the types of details you’re looking for in that perfect someone the site is able to present you with the best quality matches.

Translation Services

Breaking the language barrier is not always easy when you’re speaking to foreign women. With this in mind the site also offers translation services for any letters which you are sending to another woman. This is exceptionally beneficial when you are trying to express your feelings and concerns with another woman and you want to make sure that the message is clear before diving into a relationship with them.

Additionally, there are phone and video chat options for users which include translation. These services do come with their own fee. Phone translation services are also handled by a third party website.

Group Tour

The most popular offering from Foreign Ladies is the group tour. The music carefully catered tours allow American gentlemen to find the foreign woman of their dreams and meet them in person on neutral ground. The group tour includes everything that you might need for the perfect event. This includes hotel accommodations, transportation to all social events that are offered, guided tours of the city where the event is held, credits for your letter exchanges, interpreters if necessary, hospitality staff, and color catalog access to over 1000 featured women in case the one that you are interested in is not quite the right fit. This tour option is perfect for first-time travelers were looking for foreign bride.

If you are interested in handling most of the travel aspects yourself and just want to meet a woman one-on-one than there is also the option to pay the $75 introduction fee plus a $125 processing fee for that service. This is the less popular choice because only allows you to meet one or two women at a time versus the group tour which gives use the option to me over 1000 different women easily and readily at your disposal.


Finding your soulmate through Foreign Ladies is not going to be akin to using a traditional dating website. This particular site is designed to connect men with women in other countries with the intentions of making them their life long partner. There is a small fee of $7.50 per letter which is sent directly through the site and delivered to the women you have selected. As communication grows and is established, you can determine if the next step of meeting a woman in person is worth your while. This modern day approach to securing a foreign bride and overseas match making is very popular.


If you are a man looking for guaranteed romance then you cannot go wrong with Foreign Ladies. It is a very common practice today to choose an overseas bride and enjoy the type of companionship which only these women can offer. This website helps tackle the heavy lifting to ensure that you find the perfect match for the rest of your life.

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