What You Should Know Before Dating a Latina

Interracial dating is so common these days, and if you want to try it out, you should. It's a great learning experience. I dated a Latina for a while, for example, and though we were very different in some things, I feel that I came out of it with a better appreciation of other cultures and people. I also came to love her openness, energy, and spirit.

You've probably heard a lot of things, but here's the official list of what you need to know before you date a Latina.

1.Latino Standard Time. She's not coming on time. If you're planning on eating at 7, you better tell her you'll meet her at 6. And, if she invites you to come at 8, you'd probably better show up at 9 or 10. Sound crazy? It's just a cultural thing. Latinos are flexible.

So, when she says she's already on her way – she isn't. She's thinking about it, and will probably get there within a couple of hours. It's not a fault of respect or anything. It's part of her culture and upbringing. Just keep it in mind and try not to get frustrated.

2.Getting Ready. It will take hours. WAY longer than you'd expect. But, just sit tight and chill. It will be worth it in the end. No one gets ready for dates like Latinas do.

3.La Familia. Latinos are very family oriented, so if she already wants you to meet them – just do it. Sure, she's looking for family approval, but once she gets it, the more serious she'll become. So, take it as a good sign – even if it's early.

4.Your Family. But don't try and introduce her too early to your family. Not fair? Maybe, but she'll think you're getting serious. So, choose an appropriate moment, or you may have a girlfriend thinking it's serious when you're not quite ready to take that step.

5.Don't practice your Spanish with her. Sure, you want to talk to her in Spanish, but unless you're fluent, it's not fun to be practiced with, especially on a date. Just enjoy each other in a language you both speak fluently. BUT if it's her family, and they don't speak much English, or want to speak Spanish with you, go for it! They'll love you.

6.Casual. That is a word that doesn't exist for many Latinas. She will be made up for everything – even to watch Netflix at your apartment. And, don't ask her to tone it down. She likes getting made up, so just let her do her thing. You'll be amazed every single time and how beautiful she looks.

7.Back to familia. Going back to family – if you don't want everyone to know everything about you – keep it a secret. That's just how it works. Latino families know everything about each other. But, on the other hand, they've got a lot of love to give, and you'll be one lucky guy to call them yours!

8.She's proud to be Latina. She really is! Make a little effort to get to know her culture, or ask questions. Don't stereotype her, but do make sure she knows it's interesting to you.

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